Hi! I’m Steph. I’m a personal trainer and I FINALLY have an AWESOME custom website to promote my business!  Read my story to find out how I got my website (and saved over $2,500)!

I needed an amazing website to market
my services and attract new clients.

I did some research and decided that WordPress was probably the best option for me. WordPress is free, highly customizable, and it powers almost a third of all websites. Getting started was easy, and my cheap hosting provider even offered a simple 1-click install, so I could build it myself, right?

Frustration. Or, trying to build a website yourself.

Building my website was a LOT of work and I wasn’t satisfied with the results. My site was slow, kind of ugly, and I spent way too much time looking for themes and plugins, only to find many of them unsupported, too complicated to set up, or just too expensive. When I finally found the right plugins, I needed to update them almost every week—time that would be better spent writing new blog posts to attract new clients.

At first, I was good about updating the plugins. But after a while I became less diligent, and soon my site got hacked, and I had to scramble to find someone reliable to fix it (that’s another story!). To make matters worse, my backup plugin wasn’t configured properly and I lost a lot of my content!!

Frustrated, I decided to try one of those website builder services I saw advertised on the web. It was flashy and fairly easy to use, but it wasn’t as flexible as WordPress (and a lot of other websites looked exactly like mine). I also didn’t like being locked in to their proprietary system. If I ever needed to expand my site (which is my plan), I would have to start again from scratch.

Despair. Now what to do?

I finally realized what I really needed was a custom WordPress website built for me, but I lost all hope when I saw how much a web agency wanted to charge me for even a basic website (hint: it was thousands of dollars)!

I was ready to give up!

Then I remembered my client, Eric. Eric runs a successful website that sells marketing ebooks. During one of our training sessions, Eric told me about turnkeyWP.io – a company that takes away most the pain points associated with running a website.

They set up a custom website for him on his own domain and they handle the hosting, WordPress and plugin updates, and support as well. Eric doesn’t exactly have good design sense, so they also customized his site’s design for him for a very reasonable fee. All he had to do was add content. Sounds promising!

Hope! Things are starting to look up.

I decided to take Eric’s advice and checked out turnkeyWP.io and couldn’t believe how great a deal it was. I went ahead and signed up and supplied the information they asked for. I had a question about my domain, and the support person I talked to was friendly and helpful.

When my website was setup and ready for me, they sent me login information and soon I was customizing my new website to my tastes and with my color scheme. Their on-page tours and support documents helped me navigate the WordPress interface.

Personal trainer Steph with a client.

I’ve been creating content for a few weeks now. With the help of turnkeyWP’s extensive documentation and marketing library, I’ve even created a few custom landing pages targeting search keywords for personal training in my area.

All in all, I saved well over $2,500 in upfront costs (even with some paid design work I had them do) AND I spend less per month than doing it all myself. I now have a state-of-the-art website that I don’t have to worry about and will grow with my business.

(Keep reading to learn more about the company that created my site.)

My secret weapon for amazing custom websites is turnkeyWP!

I would DEFINITELY recommend them to any personal trainer (or any small business) who needs a helping hand with their website. My attempts to do it myself were frustrating and ultimately a waste of time! My turnkeyWP site allows me to focus on my fitness blog and other marketing efforts and not worry about hosting, updates or getting hacked.

– Steph T.

ps. I added some helpful info about turnkeyWP down below. When you sign up, tell them Steph sent you!

What is TurnkeyWP?

TurnkeyWP is an affordable managed website solution for marketers and small business owners.

This means we provide you with a ready-to-go, customizable website and we handle everything else (hosting, plugins, management, support) for a small monthly fee, so you can focus on getting more clients and making more money. We’ll also help you customize your website if you want.*

Our websites have
everything you need, ready to go.

100% real websites

You get a fully functional CMS-powered, standalone website that you can take with you if you ever want to go it on your own.* Try doing that with other sitebuilder services.

Marketing tools

Create a blog, start a podcast, build your subscriber list, offer free or paid downloads for ebooks or guides, or sell products. Integrates with your favorite 3rd party marketing tools.

Easy custom pages

Add as many custom landing pages, blog posts, contact forms, or image galleries as you like. Our visual pagebuilder and page library makes it easy and fast to create custom pages.

SEO / Speed

Our websites are built with SEO best practices in mind. You don’t need to be an SEO expert or hire one for your pages to get ranked in Google. Our sites are also mobile-friendly and are lightning fast–Google loves that.

Blog / Social

A quality blog is key to building a loyal following. With us, all you need to do is create great content and share it on social media right from your website.

Marketing resources

There’s plenty of marketing material out there. We’ve curated some of the best advice into an easy to use resource. We’ll help keep you motivated and inspired.

While the story presented is a fictional representation, the outcome is entirely plausible.

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