Freq. Asked Questions

Who is this service for?

We built this service for Internet marketers, solopreneurs, small businesses, or anyone who uses a website to earn a living (or wants to), but doesn’t want the headaches and extra administrative issues that come with operating a website.

If you want:
– to spend more time on tasks that will grow your business and increase your income (like marketing and producing content)…

– to spend less time on unproductive tasks (like updating software, troubleshooting website problems, and dealing with hosting company tech support)…

…then we can help.

What exactly is this service?

We are a subscription-based “all-in-one” website platform solution. Subscribers get access to a custom marketing WordPress website, pre-configured* with theme and plugins. We handle everything related to the technical management and administration of the platform (Website + Hosting + Plugins + Management + Support).

Subscribers are responsible for adding content (text, images, etc), digital downloads or any ecommerce products (including fulfillment),  and customization of the site design as they see fit (choosing the layout, colors, fonts, etc.). We’ll help you every step of the way.

Website + Hosting + Plugins + Management + Support

Website – This includes installation and configuration of a custom WordPress website, as well as setting up placeholder content pages that you can quickly customize with your content and images. Or you can build your own pages with our visual page builder.

Hosting – We don’t skimp on hosting. We use a top-tier hosting provider, fine-tuned and optimized to run WordPress.

Plugins – Plugins provide your website’s functionality. We use a combination of premium and open source plugins that we’ve researched and tested.

Management – The good thing about WordPress is that it is updated often. That bad thing about WordPress is that it is updated often. We handle all WordPress, plugin, and theme updates, as well as daily backups, and site security.

Support – The key to successfully running a website is getting the support you need when you need it. Our success depends on your success, so if you have problem, we’ll help you solve it.

* There are some configuration options that users will need to change to suit their needs (various plugin settings, ecommerce settings, service APIs like MailChimp, etc.).

What can I do with one of your websites?

Our websites are built for Internet marketing and ecommerce:

Internet marketing / content marketing, email list building, offering a service (i.e. professional coaching / mentoring, personal trainer, etc.), creating an authoritative blog, offering digital downloads, hosting a podcast, creating unlimited landing pages, or selling products in a full ecommerce shop.

See our full list of features.

How can you offer such a low price?

We are a small company with low overhead so we only work with a small number of clients. We don’t need thousands of clients to be profitable.

This has the added benefit of allowing us to be more in-touch with our clients and to offer them the best support possible.

We are small, but our services aren’t. We work with best-of-breed partners for essentials like hosting, backups, and security to ensure our service offerings are the best around.

Can't I do all this myself?

Sure thing. If you already have the expertise (or plenty of free time to learn), you should do it yourself. In fact, we have a guide that shows you exactly how to do it (coming soon).

Many things in life could be done yourself. For example, you could change your own oil, replace the brake pads on your car, or fix the roof on your house. The question is whether or not the cost of doing it yourself outweighs the value of hiring a professional.

Our philosophy is to spend our time on what we know and let professionals handle the things we aren’t experts at.

Why not just use WIX or Squarespace?

Several reasons:

First – We are a small business and our success depends on your success. We can’t exist if you aren’t making money, so we really want you to succeed, and we will help you get there.

Second – You can’t take it with you.

When you use a website service like Wix, you are locked in to their proprietary software. When you outgrow their service (and you will), you can’t take your website with you. You will lose all the time and effort you spent building your website, and more importantly, you’ll lose your position in Google’s search results. Ouch!

Our websites are built on open source software, and you can it take with you whenever you want. See our service terms for more info.

Third – Hosted ecommerce services usually charge an additional 2-3% fee for all ecommerce transactions. We do not.

What kind of support is included?

We offer support for all aspects of our service, including how to use your website, how to configure various settings, how to use the page builder, etc.

WordPress has a little bit of a learning curve, as all CMS’s do. If you can use Microsoft Word or Excel, you’ll be able to handle WordPress. We provide documentation and on-page tours on how to use your new website, and if you can’t figure something out, we are here to assist you.

We also offer extended support at a small fee for less-technical users who may require more hands-on training.

What’s not included in Support:

Support doesn’t handle logo design, web design, or building custom pages for you, though we do offer these as extra services.

What if a feature I need isn't included?

Our goal is to help marketers be successful. If there is a feature you need that isn’t already included, let us know and we’ll see about getting it added!

Can I add WordPress plugins or themes?

If you need special functionality, we’re happy to review a specific plugin to see if it will fit well with our system. We don’t guarantee we will be able to include it.

Will you customize my site for me?

Absolutely! We understand some people don’t have the time or inclination to build custom web pages, so our services are yours for a very reasonable fee. Show us some examples of pages similar to what you want, and we’ll do our best to match it.

Do I get admin access to my site?

The administrative interface can be daunting with all of its settings and configuration options, and you can easily break your site if you change certain settings. So we don’t allow full admin access. However, we have created a custom Site Owner role that gives you access to important site and plugin settings so you have the control you need.

Will you help me add or customize new pages on my site?

There is a small learning curve with our page builder and site customizer, but if you can use Microsoft Word, you shouldn’t have any problem adding or customizing pages. But if you do run into problems or can’t get something to look like you want, we are happy to help you out. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Do I get an email account?

Email @ yourdomain is available as an add-on for a nominal fee. Most high performance hosting packages do not include email because it is a major resource hog, and we are all about speed. We understand that a branded email address is essential to your business, so we have that option available.

Do I get a domain name?

We support custom domains, but we don’t register domain names for our clients. It’s best practice for you to be the registrant of your domain.

We have a guide that shows you how to register a custom domain name (it’s easy) and set it up for use with our service.

What happens to my domain name if I cancel my account?

Since we don’t register domain names or require transfers, your domain name is yours regardless of your subscription status.

What happens to my website if I cancel my account?

We are a subscription service, so if you cancel your account, your website will go offline. We will keep it archived for you for a reasonable period time after which it deleted. If you want to take your website with you, we offer that option for a fee. Please see our service terms.

Are there any restrictions on resource usage?

We don’t have any set restrictions on the resources you are allowed to use. We require all websites to operate at normal, reasonable usage levels (roughly 10k-15k visits and 4GB storage). If your site becomes wildly successful, we will congratulate you on your success and work with you on a solution.

If you plan to use streaming video or host many or large files for download, please contact us first.

Are adult sites allowed?

Not at this time. Website content for sites hosted on our service should adhere to basic community standards – no pornography, drugs, illegal activities, etc.

If you have a question or concern that isn’t covered here, please get in touch.

Check out our full feature set and our unbeatable price.

Building and maintaining a website is hard work.

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